We are all aware of how powerful storytelling is.
Before going in depth into this area, the basic premise is that we are all wired for stories. From our early childhoods, that’s how we were taught things, were entertained and stories were used to imbibe morals and values in us. And they worked wonderfully well, didn’t they? For we remember the scenes we read, heard about or saw from epics such as the Ramayana or the Mahabharata. In fact we recall so many lead characters from these.

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storyteelingRemove the story or narrative element…let’s say, if we were bombarded by a string of facts. Imagine how boring would all that be, not to mention forgettable too. Businesses have now realised the importance of story in communication~ with their employees, investors and customers. Advertising is full of memorable short stories. There are few tools more powerful than storytelling for building one’s Personal brand.

 Let’s look at how we could help you take benefit of this powerful tool~

~ How about a Profile in the form of a Story instead of a series of facts? Guess which would be more appealing and impactful for the reader.

~ An Organisation’s Success Story also is a powerful communication strategy.

~ As far as Personal Branding is concerned, there is hardly a better way to build a memorable brand than by storytelling. The story shared could be of various types. Professional success story, business turnaround story or even a story of a personal triumph.

~ In a world of make believe and padded up balance sheets, a story narrated with Authenticity builds trust.

~ ‘Sell’ messages create a barrier in advertising and communication. The same message if in the form of a narrative, is much more likely to connect with intended audience.

~ Inspirational Stories also work very well because they stir up interest almost universally.

~Since emotion works so well in story, if you or your organisation is involved in any social initiative, compassion connects at a deeply human level.

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We at AVC Consultancy can help you articulate your Story, whether a Personal, Professional or Organisational one in a way which helps it connect easily with its target audience.