Our Story

vijay-nallawalaVijay Nallawala,
Founder and Chief Coach at AVC Consultancy,
Vijay is an Author, Columnist, Speaker and a Storytelling Coach for Personal Branding.

A pixel in the magnificent canvas of life’ is what he calls himself.

He has successful entrepreneurial experience of twenty one years.  Frontline Communications, a high-end Audio-Visual & Multimedia presentation equipment Rental firm was his proprietorship firm with which he built a reputation for creative excellence and dependability. Prior to that he helped run a family owned business for seven years~ that of a cinema theatre and an offset printing press.

With clients like Microsoft, Infosys, The Art of Living and Network 21 (Amway) his enterprise flourished and Frontline Communications won several accolades from clients of note. Subsequently, in 2004, Vijay turned to a career as a financial professional for eight years, where he shone again,  before his current passion which took roots in 2012.

It is said creativity is inborn. All you have to do is to sharpen the saw regularly and nurture talent.

From Blogger to Author and now a Coach who helps people build their Personal Brands. His chosen profession involves multiple skills~

1) Getting into the shoes of a Client and understanding the client’s innate nature, aspirations and hidden strength.
2) The sharper the branding strategy is defined, the more effective it is. Therefore, a strategy is designed in consultation with the Client.
3) Communicating a client’s message powerfully on various formats such as Social Media, Blogs, etc is the third key step.

So, what are the attributes which define us at AVC Consultancy?
In ‘AVC’ is hidden the clue to our three strengths~
AVC-blocksOur DNA is built on blocks of Authenticity, Vitality & Compassion.
What do we mean by that?
Read more about it here~
3 Key Elements of Personal Branding

We firmly believe that these attributes are vital to our success in an economy as it rapidly shifts from Competition to Cooperation and Cooptition.

The ‘What We Do‘ Page would present an in-depth scan of, well, what we do!

Vijay has been fortunate to have great Mentors during his journey over past few years.

Jennifer Sertl, Social Media Thought-leader & Global Business Strategist has been his Coach & Mentor and helped him chalk out a business Strategy as an Individual, Community Leader and in his Professional domain.

Dr.Amit Nagpal, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Storyteller of Global renown has been Coaching him for over three years now.

The human side of Vijay’s story~
As a person, he is a compassionate being and actively engaged in outreach to a cause he is committed to. A deeply spiritual person, he loves meditation, music, writing, reading, travel, photography and is passionate about fitness.