Content Creation

Content creation is at the core of Brand communication.
In this era, more than any other, you are being constantly watched, heard and judged by innumerable people. Imagine the selfie you click on your Smartphone. What looks like one image is actually composed of thousands and thousands of fine pixels. The content you create on various Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn is like those pixels~ together it constructs your Personal Brand in the minds of all the people who are your friends, follow you or connected with you on Social Media.

content-creationYou can begin to imagine how dynamic and complex this virtual image is!
So your  posts on FB, photos you post on Instagram, the pins on Pinterest, videos you add to your list on YouTube… and then there’s Google+ and the 140 character witticisms or bursts of wisdom on Twitter~ all of these collectively create an indelible impression about what your brand stands for. For, this is what you appear as, to your followers and friends.
In fact, to them you are what you appear to be!
‘Be careful, for we tend to become the persons we pretend to be’

And then perception becomes your reality.
It’s not limited to just your posts though. Your ‘Likes’, favourites,image-editing-101040images, comments, retweets and shares also become digital trails which loyally stick to you. I am connected to some 4300 odd friends on Facebook, of whom I might be personally acquainted with just a couple of hundred. Imagine how relevant and impactful is the ‘virtual brand’ in the case of the rest of them? by the same logic, what I post, say and ‘appear to be doing’, consistently builds my personal brand in their minds. These aspects extend beyond our expertise in our professional domains.

Our personas are ‘experienced’ and sensed in an all too human 360° perspective. Even on LinkedIn, don’t you connect easily with experts who, despite their proven dominance in their profession, are courteous enough to respond to your comments on their posts? Probably also why they publish posts on LinkedIn which add to our knowledge, inform us, rather than merely trying to promote their own businesses. For, we must not forget that the core of social media is ‘Social’.

Having a well planned Content Strategy aligned to one’s Personal Brand is all important.
This might be open to debate but think about this. Would you hold a Psychiatrist in high esteem if she or he keeps posting frivolous content all over social media? What irks you? You expect the content to be in tune with the dignity of the profession. The same goes for the extent of activity~ ‘Doesn’t he have anything better to do?’, you begin to wonder.

What type of Content creates the maximum Impact?

Visual Content~  with a caption is one of the most powerful communication forms.

Stories connect deeply at a human level. They are also memorable and create an emotional bond.

This works very well especially when a short video of say 7 to 10 minutes can be used to demonstrate a skill or technique which is difficult to put across in a story format. Wouldn’t demonstration of a Yoga asana be much easier via video than a long winded, awkward description?

If Facebook is the world’s most popular Social network and LinkedIn the largest professional one, a Blog is at the heart of it all. It binds together your content strategy, is of great archival search value and the rest of your social platforms and your blog feed on each other.

New Media~
Such as Periscope and PodCasts are fast catching on in the West but yet to be quite that rage here.

How can we at AVC Consultancy be of help?
The commonest challenge that successful professionals and entrepreneurs face is lack of time and energy to devote to content creation which furthers their brands. Especially, planned content focused toward a goal of Authentic brand building.

Allow us to step in and take over your content creation.