And Her Heart Went Click, Click…

Armed with a MBA, she took to a career in finance, a subject she liked. However, her passion was elsewhere and her heart often whispered to her to return to what was dearest to it: Photography.

It is said that the forces of the universe conspire to unite us with what we
desire from the bottom of the heart.

Meenal Jaiswal did convert her passion to her profession of choice. No, it wasn’t exactly a eureka moment. The opportunity to change careers presented itself when her husband quit his offshore job to an onshore career. Her heart said to her,
“Psst! Nobody’s watching, let’s escape!”

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”  –Edward Hopper 
It went back a long way back. She got her first camera as a gift when she stood first in class one- she meenal-jaiswalwas all of five years! Since then, whenever she found a moment worth capturing, her heart went click, click, click. She was brought up in a family where scientific temper ruled, as her father was a M. Tech and mother a history and psychology student. A memory which is indelibly etched in her mind is that of an incident of April, 2004. The family had met over a dual cause for celebration. Her younger sister’s birthday and their parent’s anniversary on the following day. Meenal wanted a family photograph to be shot which was thwarted due to the studio being shut. Two days later her father passed away.Read More