3 Key Elements of Personal Development

What’s the connect between Personal Branding and Personal Development?
In my view, they ¬†are deeply interconnected. We must first discover our inner stories in order to be able to radiate them with conviction to the outer world. Just as our communication keeps on evolving, there’s always room for improvement and refinement on the personal front, isn’t there?

What must I do to stay on track, in alignment with my purpose and vision?
Asking ourselves questions results in clarity of thought and perhaps, yields the right answers.

1) What’s My Story?
This is perhaps the crux of it. Do we know ourselves well enough to chart out a life roadmap or are we on autopilot, guided by the winds of opinion and our own whims? There MUST be a deep connect between what really fires us up and what we do.
Authenticity is the magic word here.
It is so, so easy to fool ourselves into buying the wrong picture of life. A life which we don’t belong to. We must take a deep dive into the core to come out with the answers. For in the end, all the answers are within us. I use meditation, writing and mind mapping as tools to express my subconscious into the conscious realm. You may have your own methods. Mentors are fabulous at this too, such as my gifted Mentor & Coach, Jennifer Sertl~ she virtually holds a mirror to my soul.Read More