How Can Storytelling Empower Your Business?

That stories have a powerful impact on us is well known. Here’s how storytelling actually works in favour of the storyteller~

~ Stories create an instant emotional bond between the narrator and listener.
(helps build empathy with the narrator)

~ Stories engage a greater area of the brain than a string of monotonous data or facts.
(translates into better engagement and attention)

~ Stories help synchronize the listener’s brain with the narrator’s brain.
(that’s gold dust for a marketer!)

~ Guess what would you remember better? A well told story or facts?
(better memory= higher brand recall!)

~ Stories have the ability to change chemistry of the brain.
On being told an emotionally engaging story, the brain produces oxytocin, a substance shown to increase generosity, empathy and trustworthiness. (research conducted by Dr Paul Zak)

~ Stories impact behaviour of the listener.
(imagine the potential to guide consumer behaviour.)

Where and how can we use storytelling to further our professions or business?

With the explosion of social platforms, the internet and their bearing on our lives, we seek to know more. At the same time, as we are inundated with non-stop stimuli from multiple directions simultaneously, we also build up a resistance to these inputs and become more selective or choosy.

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The How And Why Of Powerful Storytelling

Each one of us must have read books or heard stories during our younger days which leap into our consciousness even today as clearly as is if we had read them or heard them yesterday. How and why does this happen?

The mind tells its own stories
As we read, or see a movie, our minds go on their own little travels..creating strong associations, filling in gaps in the story and playing the guessing game about ‘What’s next?’. Of course, now there’s so much research based on neuroscience about how storytelling impacts the brain. This article is not about the bio-chemical connection between story and the brain. It is about the fine art of storytelling.

So what makes for Powerful Storytelling?
Just as The Mahabharata is a memorable story, there are others which are so forgettable. So, let’s look at elements of great stories ~

The Power of Emotions
When we read passages in a story with strong emotional content, they evoke equally strong emotional reactions in us. An engaging story manages to grab us by the scruff of the neck and does not let go. We begin relating with the characters, their circumstances and ‘feel their feelings’.Read More