How Can Personal Branding Help Financial Planners?

Personal Branding works best where mass media won’t!
Doctors, Surgeons, Chartered Accountants are bound by a professional code of conduct, as are some other Professionals. In fact some are specifically barred from advertising by their apex associations.

Let’s take Financial Planners.
What makes Personal Branding an ideal vehicle for Personal Financial Planners?
I have the advantage of insights drawn from my  entrepreneurial experience of over thirty years, of which eight were spent as an Independent Financial Advisor.

The nature of Financial Planning offerings is highly complex and we in India are in a transition stage when it comes to intermediaries. Expertise is at a premium and so is credibility. Although there has been a clampdown on unethical practices by Governing Authorities such as SEBI, IRDA, AMFI and RBI, there still exists a trust deficit. Market research reveals that consumers make financial and investment decisions based on advice of relatives, neighbours, office colleagues and media. Only a miniscule few refer to experts.

How can Personal Branding change this lopsided equation in favour of Professionals, whose voice often goes unheard?Read More